Summer 2001

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Ahhhh YES!!!!! Welcome to Summer 2001

As promised, here are the calendars for Summer 2001. We'll be posting the first batch of photos from Summer after the July 4 holiday.

Anyway, the big events for this summer are as follows (check the above calendars for details:

  • July 4 annual party and fireworks display. This is the second party we have each year (the other is Super Bowl in January). We get to watch other pyromaniacs try and burn their houses down while we stand on the back deck and laugh a lot!!

  • Trip to Bethesda, Maryland for an AG Bell Conference for Lisa. I'll be the kept "toy boy" on this trip. Then, we get to spend a couple of Days in Washington, DC

  • Trip to Milwaukee, WI, for a wedding

Anyway, we'll start posting "summer snaps" as soon as we get them, so check on back soon ad regular, ya hear!!!!


As promised, below are the photos taken of our "estate" on July 4, 2001. Yes, for those of you down under, that is the US independence day!!! Hence the flags in the front lawn

As you can see, not too much difference. But, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the corn is knew high by the forth of July. Also for those with sharp eyes, we've added a rose bush to the front garden. Lets see how long it lasts!!!!! If you saw the photos from last month/season, I think you can figure out which is front, back, side, etc

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Unfortunately, we couldn't get any photos of the fireworks in our neighborhood....we don't have a good enough camera to take night shots. But, hey, something is better that nothing!!!

So, that's it for July 4. Check on back soon to see what has been added!!!! The next lot will probably be from our Washington DC trip. But, who knows!!! So come on back ya'all

July 26 - August 1, 2001

On July 26, the Burton's of Omaha took off for a trip to Washington, DC. Primarily, Lisa had a conference in Bethesda, Ma, which turned out to be only some 15-20 minutes from down town DC.

However, before we made it to DC, we spent the first night in Baltimore, Ma, with a friend of Lisa's. After wondering around the inner harbor area for a while, we were forced by circumstances to retire to "several" bars for the rest of the evening. Talk about bad luck!!! The next day, complete with hangovers, we were off to Bethesda and DC.

Anyway, the following maps detail were DC is for those of you down under, as well as two more detailed maps of DC and the monument area itself. So, before we do the family photo snaps, look at the maps to see where we all were!!!!

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Washington, DC and  Baltimore

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Outer view of  Washington, DC

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Inner view of Washington, DC

In the interest of ya'all with lower than cable modem speeds (i.e. page loading), we have divided the holiday snaps into four (4) page. Just follow the link to see the photos. So, without additional fanfare, here are the holiday snaps (hope you all enjoy). By the way, the page's themes were chosen specifically for what goes on in Washington!!!!! 

September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001, cowards flew two high jacked domestic aircraft into the World Trade Center in New York. As a result of this cowardly act, some 200 people died onboard the aircraft and some 5,000 people perished in the World Trade Center. We have been going to New York since 1994, normally staying at either the Marriott World Trade Center or at the Marriott Financial Center, which is about 2 and 1/2 blocks away from the WTC. So, we thought it appropriate to place on this page some photos that we have taken of the World Trade Center over the years. Unfortunately, because of the acts of these cowards, none of us will ever be able to see these building again.


September 15, 2001

We were planning on doing a great photo spread of the mid west to sum up what has been a great, albeit extremely hot, summer. But the tragic event of September 11, 2001, have taken a lot of enthusiasm out of a whole bunch of projects. So, instead, you'll have to be happy with more "house" shots. This time taken on Saturday, September 15, 2001.


As you can see, not too much has changed, except that flowers have "flowered" and the grass got kinda "brown". Oh well, that's what happens during summer.

This will probably be our last posting to this particular page. Maybe one more (if I can find the photo!!!!). So, check back and see. Otherwise, jump into fall/autumn at the Burton's estate in Omaha, NE, USA.

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