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Summer 2009 is officially over.....Summer 2010 is still a long ways off.....check back later in 2010 for our activities....

Summer 2009 is officially over and Summer 2010 is still a long ways off ( days is fact). Check back in 2010 see to our actual activities....

As you can see from the above animations, the weather here will change from being very pleasant in early July, to brutally hot in August, back to being pleasant again in September. There should be NO SNOW here in summer. Our weather is bad, but it's not that bad.

As has become our custom, before we can start Summer 2010, we have a few questions to note. These questions, and many others, will be answered in the course of the season:

  • Will there be peace in Iraq????? Answer...?????

  •  Will Weapons of Mass Distraction be found in Iraq????  Answer....?????

  •  Who will we be at war with by the end of Summer 2010??? Answer....?????

  •  Will the economy still be heading south???? Answer.....?????

  •  Where will the webmaster be working?????? Answer.....?????

  •  How will the US economy be faring???? Answer...?????

So, without further ado: here is what we have planned for Summer 2010.

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  1. Start of Summer

  2. Wedding Anniversary

  3. Independence Day

  4. Back to School

  5. Lisa's Birthday

  6. Labor Day

  7. Football Season

  8. Remembrance Day

  9. End of Summer

Tuesday, June 22, 2010: Start of Summer

Yahoo....the start of summer. As we always say, we just hope that it's not too hot over summer. But, that's a rather stupid wish here in Omaha!!!


Thursday, July 1, 2010:  Wedding Anniversary

It's our wedding anniversary. This will be year number fifteen (15). What will we be doing???? How will we celebrate????


Sunday, July 4, 2010: Independence Day

How will we celebrate Independence Day this year???


Tuesday, August 10, 2010:  Back to School

Alas, for Lisa, that time of year has come again. The annual end of summer vacation time to go back to school.


Sunday, August 15, 2010:  Lisa's Birthday

Lisa's Birthday!!!!!


Monday, September 6, 2010: Labor Day

Ahh yes, the unofficial end of summer. The weather only goes downhill from here on.


Thursday, September 9, 2010:   Football Season

Yeassssss. The long hot summer desert of real sport will finally be over. Gone will be the useless days and nights listening to mindless baseball scores and/or baseball strikes. As usual, we have our annual Football Pool. You can see the web site for our pool by following the Football Tipping link.


Saturday, September 11, 2010: Remembrance Day

This is not really a day to celebrate, but rather one to pause and reflect on what happened on September 11, 2001. Where were you at 8:47am EDT when the world changed.

We also need to reflect on where we are in our battle, no war, against the cowards and their backers who perpetrated these cowardly and dastardly  acts.


September 21, 2010: End of Summer

This will be the last update for Summer 2010. For all you weather fans out there, without further ado, here are the season's weather statistics:

The first issue relates to flight availability during Summer 2010. This one is travelling and no flights to report.

Date Airline Origin Destination Flight Status Reason Added Bonus Miles


Next, it's onto the weather...

Category Date High Temperature Low Temperature
Coldest Day      
Warmest Day      

Finally, the average high and lows for Summer 2010

Category Temperature (F)
Average High Temperature  
Average Low Temperature  

For those of you that are really interested in the weather, here is the daily, maximum and minimum, temperatures for Omaha over summer 2010.

This should keep you "weather nuts" happy for a while. Remember, people from down under, all temperatures are in F. Anyway, as you can see, come the beginning of September [Labor Day], boom, the temperatures start dropping.

And so, that will be the end of Summer 2010. The long, dog days of summer  finally will be over.

Well, that's it. Follow this link to the Fall/Autumn 2010 season. Otherwise, catch you again for summer 2010!!!!


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