Winter 2005

Winter 2005 has officially over...this is the arhive of our Season 2005 Activities

Winter 2005 has been an gone. Spring 2005 is officially with us....

But, as with normal seasons, we had a couple of questions to be answered over winter.

  1. Will we have white Christmas: Answer: Sort of....see below!!!!

  2. What will we do for New Years: Answer: Lisa was in Omaha while the webmaster was in Valparaiso....both of us ended up watching the Law and Order Special Victims Marathon on the USA about excitement!!!!!!

  3. Who will win the Super Bowl: Answer: The New England Patriots over the Philadelphia Eagles, 24-21

  4. How much snow will we get for the season: Answer: As of the end of the season, Omaha received approximately 30" of the white stuff.

  5. How many snow days will we get: Answer: Only three for the entire season....mind you, they all occurred in the first 2 weeks of January.....

  6. What will be the lowest temperature: Answers: See Below.....

  7. Who we be at war with Will it be Syria, North Korea or Iran. Maybe all three!!!! Who knows with Bush and Co.: Answers: Inch by inch, minute by minute, Bush and co are drifting closer to war with Syria. North Korea and Iran are too difficult...they may actually have nuclear weapons. Syria, on the other hand, has nothing. Its an obvious easy target for a cowardly superpower....

  8. What will the state of Iraq be like: Answer: Still chaos. The insurgency still continues and US service people are dying by the hundreds each month....


And so, without further ado, here are our planned activities for Winter 2004...

December 24, 2004:  

It was that time of year again....when we're in Sterling over Christmas, Lisa and the webmaster catch up with two very good friends of Lisa's. Initially, we met at a bar called North Side, but lately, it's a place called Kelly's. The friends involved are Karen and Terri...Karen works for the Indianapolis office of the IRS, so we always make sure we are very nice to her!!! Terri works at a University in Baltimore and is a member of the Foster Parents group in Baltimore.

As usual, a great time was had by all. Mind you, it was very !@#$%& cold in Kelly's.....




Yes, three of the above photos have nothing to do with lunch at Kelly's. Rather, they are of the room in Lisa's parents house in Sterling we had taken over. Just going to prove that Lisa and the webmaster can trash any room anywhere. But, we did make sure it was tidied up before we left for Omaha.

After Kelly's, it was back to Slim and Lynne's for a quiet nap before supper and the obligatory presence at  the Christmas midnight mass service [which was at 10pm...go figure...maybe they tell the time differently here in Sterling...]. After the mass service, it was time for bed and the waiting for Mr. S. Klaus began....

December 25, 2004

And so rolled on Christmas 2005. Before we go to far, the first question to be answered is: did we have a white Christmas this year??? Well, the answer is as follows: sort of. Lisa woke the webmaster up at 2am with excited cries of "it's snowing outside". Well, given the webmasters well known love of being woken up early in the morning, he promptly rolled over and went back to sleep. When we all finally resurfaced at a decent hour in the morning [around 10am], this is what we were confronted with:






As you can see, not too much of a decent snow cover. In fact, the amount of snow was more of a nuisance. Anyway, after breakfast, it was time to retire to the living room for the obligatory nap while watching the two Christmas football games. After a very busy and tiring afternoon, it was then time for a quick round of cards [Euchre]....which, of course, Slim and the webmaster lost [maybe we'll win next year]. then, it was supper time!!!!!!




And so, that was Christmas 2004. Mind you, it did really start snowing about 6pm on Christmas Day. Unfortunately, because it fell while it was dark, we didn't get a chance to get any photos of the more than 3" of the white stuff.

On December 26, it was then time for Lisa and the webmaster to depart Sterling for Omaha. The webmaster had to be back so he could leave for Valparaiso the next day [go figure that one.....]. So, at 9:30am, the intrepid adventurers departed Sterling for one last car trip for 2004. Here were our final "traffic counts" for the trip:

Description Cops Boats Cars in Ditches Tow Trucks Trains Farm Equipment School Buses Odd Things Snow Mobile Deer Bikes
Enroute to Omaha 4 1 22 7 2 3 0 1 10 5 2

At 3:30pm, Lisa and the webmaster arrived back in Omaha. It seems hard to believe that Christmas is actually over. The webmaster returns to Valparaiso on Monday [12/27] and the real world restarts. At least Lisa has one more week of vacation to actually relax before the start of the new school year.....

December 31, 2004 New Years Eve

New Years Eve for 2005....unfortunately, Lisa and the webmaster were not together this new years. It's the first time since we've know each other. Lisa was in Omaha, while the webmaster was in party town Valparaiso, Indiana.

But, both of us did have very quiet nights. Both of us ended up watching the Law and Order Marathon on the USA Network. Mind you, Lisa did have to call the webmaster to remind him when new years actually happened...he had fallen asleep at about 11pm!!!!!!

Even though we were apart, our thoughts were with each other. Anyway, HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone. As a treat [well, maybe], here are two new photos. One is the latest photo of Lisa from school, and the other is one taken at the last ACI Christmas Party Lisa and the webmaster attended [please note, this was Christmas 2001]...enjoy [double click to see the full sized photo]......



As you can see, Lisa is still much, much prettier than the webmaster...and Winter 2005 continues.....

January 14 thru January 23, 2005:   Home in Omaha 

In case any of you are interested, the webmaster is still on-site at CSI in Valparaiso, IN. Yup, party town USA (yea, right....). He'll be there until the end of March this year.....unless of course there's yet another extension!!!!! Anyway, on Friday January 14, the webmaster headed home for a full week in Omaha. Mind you, the "honey do" list had by this stage grown to be over half a mile long. But, the webmaster did not care. He was spending an entire week at home!!!!

Anyway, one of the main reasons for the extended trip was a doctors appointment at the Methodist Hospital for a follow-up endoscope procedure. And, the webmaster got to see his regular doctor as well....i.e., get yelled at again!!!!! Anyway, the procedure was on Wednesday January 19 at 2:30pm....they used a "local anesthetic", which basically put the webmaster out of commission for the rest of the day. About the only thing he was good for was SLEEP!!!!! But, the outshoot was not all negative...the regular doctor took blood samples which came back normal. However, the GI specialist was not entirely satisfied with the results of the endoscope procedure. While the ulcerous growth within the esophagus wall have diminished, there was still some within the esophagus wall. So, he changed the webmasters medication as well as extending the limit on alcohol consumption (which, by the way, the webmaster has been successfully complying with since Thanksgiving...none!!!!). But, the webmaster does need to have yet another endoscope in one months time to make sure that the new medication is doing it's job. So, we shall see!!!!

When the webmaster returned home, Omaha had just survived one of it's typical winter storms, which dumped some 14" of the white stuff. Mind you, it's not as bad as the same time last year. But, 14" is still a lot of snow to try and navigate around.....




These photos were taken a week after the event....what a drag.

The rest of the week was spent doing tasks that should have been done when the interior of the house was painted over Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, an untimely trip to the hospital precluded that!!! So, towel racks were rehung, things put way, etc. At the same time, the webmaster was able to prove to the folks at CSI that he could in fact work remotely from Omaha and still get things done. This is a strategic move...positioning for negotiations which will start at the beginning of March. But, that is still to come.

Alas, after a week at home, it was time for the webmaster to depart back for Valparaiso. This is the part of the webmasters job that really sucks...being away from Lisa and home. Anyone who thinks this kind of life style is fun has no clue what it's like. It sucks, and there is only one reason you do it for....MONEY, pure and simple. You do this for a short period of time, earn as much money as you possibly can, and then get the hell out as quickly as possible.  That is what the webmaster is attempting the do!!!!

Anyway, and on grinds winter 2005.....

February 2, 2005

What will the oversized rodent see this year. Does it really matter!!!!!! Not likely. All the little rodents across "said" the same thing...six more weeks of winter. Well, no shit Sherlock...there six more weeks until the end of winter. And these idiots around here actually take this crap seriously....

And onwards marches stop, Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!...

February 6, 2005  Super Bowl

Winter 2005 marches on....Super bowl Sunday!!!!. The day where most women prefer to not see any males at all. The day that over $1B dollars is waged on bets varying from who will to who will win the coin toss,  to who will score first and who will get the first "first down".

So, as with other years, Lisa and the Webmaster headed up to their local watering hole, Lighthouse Sports Bar & Grill. Unlike last year when we were socked in with over 12" of snow. So, with the usual suspects in tow, it was TIME TO WATCH SOME FOOTBALL......



So, you say, who played and who won......

New England Patriots

Philadelphia Eagles



A good time was had by was also a very good game. A lot closer than a lot of the so called "pundits" and "experts" said.

But, of course, it would not be February in Omaha [not to mention Super Bowl Sunday] without the obligatory snow storm. But, don't worry, Omaha was happy to oblige with 4-6" of the white stuff...




As per normal Omaha operating procedures, after the snow storm was finished, the temperature in Omaha went completely south. Just in time for the next snow storm to hit on the following Tuesday. But, that is a different  story.

And so, again, on marches winter 2005.....

February 14, 2005

Yes, the world's most famous Hallmark Day. Also proudly sponsored by chocolate companies and flower shops.  While Lisa and I were not able to be together on 2/14, we were together the very next weekend. It was over that weekend that we finally decided on new carpet...with an install date of March 18-19. So, here are the last photos of the inside of our house prior to recarpeting...



After spending a great weekend at home, this is the crap of the weather the webmaster had to deal with bask in Valparaiso..




And so Winter 2005 marches on....

March 15, 2005: Corporate Tax Day

Bend over day for Uncle Sam.....This year we were a little late...we had to file an extension with the IRS. But, that's what CPA's are for......


March 17, 2005

The Last official party for Winter beer and corn beef sandwiches.....not to mention the obligatory hangover....

While everyone else in Omaha may have been out partying, the burtons in Omaha were preparing for new carpeting being laid on Friday March 18. So, after a quick visit to the doctor by the webmaster, ,it was time for the real work to begin.....firstly, we donated most of our furniture to charity, and then we had the chimney cleaned, After that, it was time to empty the house of furniture...oh what fun (not!!!!!)











And so, everything was in readiness for the new carpet to be laid the very next day....

March 18-19, 2005: Omaha, Carpeting -

After much tooing and froing, we finally decided to get new carpet in our home. So, on Friday March 18, at 8am, the carpet guys turned up to lay new carpet in Omaha. Talk about chaos...this is something this particular webmaster doesn't want to go through again anytime soon. Here are the official photos of our fun and games...

Here are the photos from Friday, March 18...




Here are the photos from Saturday March 19....





While getting the carpet replaced was a major pain in the butt, the whole exercise was worth it. Mind you, now all we need is some new furniture. Right now. we have almost nothing to sit in...with the exception of the downstairs office. The only problem with that is that Stephen needs that to earn the money to pay for all of this.

But, basically, that's it for our house activities for Winter 2005. Watch this space for future developments.....


March 19, 2005 Almanac Entry

The second anniversary of Bush's Day of Infamy....Well, well, well. So far, as of March 19th, over 1,500 US service people have been killed. While the January elections went much better than anyone expected [myself included], there are still, other persistent questions nagging the US and its rapidly shrinking "coalition of the bribed and coerced":

  1. Exit Strategy. What is the US and it's "coalition of the bribed and coerced" allies exit strategy. So far, there is none.

  2. Abuse Scandals. What started out as a rather "isolated" set of incidents, now appears to be an epidemic problem. US forces are regularly torturing and murdering captives. Not only are they denied the rights guaranteed under the Geneva Conventions, the use of "phantom detainees" threatens to undermine the entire US system of justice. While the US Supreme Court has ruled that all detainees are guaranteed their "day in court", the Bush government has accelerated the practice of "extraordinary rendition". This is where suspects are deported to countries like Syria, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan for "interrogation", all these countries have been on Amnesty Internationals Torture list of countries for years.

  3. Insurgency. While there has been a marginal drop in the insurgency rate since the elections, there are still, on average, 60-70 attacks per day. This does not appear to be diminishing anytime soon. Also, they [the US and its "coalition of the bribed and coerced" allies] have been unable to locate the key players. In fact, US Military Intelligence [I know its an oxy moron term] seem incapable any of the new insurgency leaders.

  4. Foreign Governments. Having stirred up a hornets nest of fundamentalists and nationalists in Iraq, the US and the "coalition of the bribed and coerced" are now blaming everyone but themselves. It alternates each day...the Syrians, the Iranians, the Saudis, the Russians. Anyone bit themselves are to blame for the problems.

  5. Sectarian Divides. The Shiites make up the majority of Iraqis...dah. They were also the most repressed under Hassaen. They now want political power (also dah). The US and its "coalition of the bribed and coerced" allies are doing everything they can to prevent this form happening, Ever heard of the concept of a civil war???

And so, having screwed things up totally, what will Iraq look like in one (1) years time...the third anniversary of Bush's act of infamy!!!!! Only history will tell...


March 22, 2005: Job -

And now comes the crunch time. After a year at CSI, the webmasters contract is up on April 1. There is considerable pressure being applied for the webmaster to go permanent. It will all depend upon whether they [CSI] will allow the webmaster to work from Omaha half the time. If not, then it looks as if the webmaster will be looking for a new job....we shall see. Watch this space for updates...

March 22, 2005:

This will be the last posting of the season. Winter 2005 is officially over, and spring is with us. After all these months of snow and cold, we're all looking forward to some sunny, warm weather!!!!

Before we do the weather stuff for Winter 2005, here are our travel statistics for the season that just was.....

Date Airline Origin Destination Flight Status Reason Added Bonus
Monday, December 27, 2004 Southwest Omaha, NE Chicago, IL On Time Unknown None
Friday, January 14, 2005 Southwest Chicago, IL Omaha, NE 2 Hours Late Unknown None
Monday, January 24, 2005 Southwest Omaha, NE Chicago, IL 15 Minutes Late Weather in Chicago None
Friday, February 04, 2005 Southwest Chicago, IL Omaha, NE On Time Unknown None
Tuesday, February 08, 2005 Southwest Omaha, NE Chicago, IL On Time Unknown None
Friday, February 18, 2005 Southwest Chicago, IL Omaha, NE 90 minutes Late Unknown None
Monday, February 28, 2005 Southwest Omaha, NE Chicago, IL On Time Unknown None
Friday, March 11, 2005 Southwest Chicago, IL Omaha, NE On Time Unknown None
Wednesday, March 23, 2005 Southwest Omaha, NE Chicago, IL On Time Unknown None

With that being stated, here are the weather statistics for Winter 2005....

Category Date High Temperature Low Temperature
Coldest Day January 16, 2005 2 F -7 F
Warmest Day March 6, 2005 55 F 71 F

Finally, the average high and lows for Winter 2005:

Category Temperature (F)
Average High Temperature 39 F
Average Low Temperature 22 F

For those of you that are really interested in the weather, here is the daily average, maximum and minimum temperatures for Omaha over Winter 2005:

This should keep you "weather nuts" happy for a while. Remember, people from down under, all temperatures are in F.

So, that's pretty much our Winter 2005. Alas  therefore, this will probably be the last update for season 2005 (unless we remember something really fantastic that happened!!!).

Follow this link to see our Spring 2005 activities.....

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