Winter 2004

Winter 2004 is over....Yippeee....This is the Archive of our Winter 2004 Activities......

Yup, Winter 2004 is finally over. This is the archived version of out Winter 2004 Activities. Check out what we got up to over Winter 2004!!!!

But, as with normal seasons, we had a couple of questions to be answered over winter.

  1. Will we have white Christmas: ???? Answer: Not a flake of snow for Christmas!!!

  2. What will we do for New Years: ???? Answer: As with previous years...nothing!!!!!

  3. Who will win the Super Bowl???? ???? Answer: New England Patriots

  4. How much snow will we get for the season: ???? Answer: As of March 15, 49" of the white stuff

  5. How many snow days will we get: ???? Answer: So far, four (4), January 26, January 27, February 2 and February 6 2004

  6. What will be the lowest temperature: ???? Answer: see below for the weather details.

  7. Who we be at war with Will it be Syria, North Korea or Iran. Maybe all three!!!! Who knows with Bush and Co.:  Answer: SO far neither. Talks with North Korea, a known nuclear power, are going nowhere. But, trade embargoes are now being considered against Syria...their offence is that they didn't back the US war in Iraq and are opposed to Israel!!!

  8. What will the state of Iraq be like: ???? Answer: In one word...Chaos!!!! US troops are coming home in body bags at the rate of at least one a day. No one knows for sure how many Iraqi's have died!!


And so, without further ado, here are our activities for Winter 2004...


December 25, 2003

As with previous years when we are in the US, we spent Christmas with Lisa's folks in Sterling, IL. While it was not exactly cold, it was sure warmer in Melbourne, Australia, where the webmasters parents spent Christmas. The webmaster will have to go back for Christmas very soon...he misses the seafood and BBQ on Christmas day.

Anyway, on Christmas eve, Lisa and the webmaster took part in the by now annual get together with two of Lisa's out of town friends. This time, however, rather than meeting at the North End, we met at Kelly's Bar and Grill in downtown Sterling for some excellent Mexican food....

After that, it was time to go to church for Christmas Mass...this time at 10pm, rather than midnight. The webmaster thinks the US has changed midnight mass to 10pm because some mid-west Americans don't know how to count!!!

And, so, then came Christmas 2003...

The first question on everyone's mind is: did we get any snow for Christmas. Well, to answer that question, see the below photos:






I think everyone  should be able to see that we had no snow for Christmas. Any kid who received any "winter" present (snow board, sled, skis, etc), are going to have to wait a while before they get to use them. In fact, most people who ventured out today were playing basketball, baseball or football...hardly Winter type activities...In fact, the weather was so mild that we would not be surprised if people were out playing golf on Christmas day...

After spending a very pleasant day watching TV, reading, or whatever, it was time for the obligatory Christmas meal..




And so, basically, that was our Christmas for 2003. On Friday, December 26, Lisa and the webmaster headed of to Moline, IL, to spend the night with Lisa's good friend Nancy. We were planning to catch up with some other friends as well, but, unfortunately, sickness prevented this from occurring. Oh, well, that will have to wait until our next trip to Moline and Illinois.

After a very pleasant evening with Nancy, Lisa and the webmaster headed home for Omaha. After a very boring and uneventful flight, we arrived dead on schedule at 4:30pm on Saturday, December 27, 2003. Man, was the return trip different from our flights to Sterling last week. Not only were we on time, but our luggage turned up as well!!!

With Christmas 2003 over, it's time for our next Winter 2004 activity..

December 31, 2003 New Years Eve

And so, New Years Eve has rolled on again. Out with 2003 and in with 2004. Where has the last year gone???? It seems like yesterday that we were just entering in 2003!!!

Anyway, in keeping with previous years, the Burton's of Omaha did nothing for New Years Eve. Rather than go out on "amateurs night", Lisa and the webmaster went out for lunch instead. We caught up with our good friend Steve Lee at our local bar [yup...Lunkers]. Had lunch, some drinks and played some darts. Then, at 6:30pm, it was time to be home. Armed with videos an a few bottle of champagne, we were ready to see in the New years our way....

And so, that was it for New Years 2004....

And winter 2004 continues...

January 4, 2004:  Almanac Entry

Of course, just when you thought that the weather here in Omaha was being nice and calm, along comes the typical Winter storm. This one dumped over nine [9] inches of the white stuff on us over a 24 hour period. At the same time, the temperature decided to take a deep south turn....we went from 56F (13C) on Friday to 15F (-9C) on Sunday. Then, on Monday, the fridges temperature dropped to a high for the day of -5F (-21C), complete with a wind chill of a very pleasant -25F (-32C). Needless to was it cold!!! Thank god for snow blowers....




But, of course, nothing is ever as simple as a winter storm in Omaha. While we were enduring the storm, we also discovered that our phones had gone out, and the webmaster's laptop decided to stop working again.  Thankfully, we have cell phones and more than one PC at home....we also haven't  used phone dial-up to access the web for years...

And so we survived the first winter storm of 2004. It may have been the first, but it sure as heck won't be the last!!!

January 14-17, 2004  Lisa in Logan, Utah

On Wednesday, January 14, Lisa headed to Logan, Utah, for a research training seminar at Utah State University. This meant that the Webmaster was "home alone" for the first time since the week prior to Christmas in 1995. For those of you who don't know where Logan is [the webmaster included], Logan is a small college town some 90 miles north of Salt Lake City. Here are the obligatory maps.......

From what Lisa reported, Logan is a beautiful small town with spectacular views of the mountains. And, surprisingly, there were no problems getting alcohol in this predominantly Mormon town. Actually, this should not be too surprising, given that Logan is a "College" town....we all know what a bunch of drunks college students are!!!!! And, the research seminar was actually useful !!!!!!

Anyway, here are some photos of Logan and Utah State University we managed to find out on the web....

So, on Saturday January 17, Lisa returned to Omaha......just in time for the temperature to go south again [or still!!!]......

January 25-26, 2004  Almanac Entry

Yup, just to remind everyone that it's still winter, Omaha again turned on the snow works. This time, it started around noon on Sunday January 25 and basically didn't let up for the next 36 hours. By the time this "little winter storm" was over, it had dumped over 15" of the white stuff on us. As is usual with snow events on Omaha, the temperature then went south to 1F (-17C) with a wind chill of -30F (-34C).




By the way, anybody who thinks this is a winter wonderland obviously hasn't had to shovel or blow snow off the driveway and sidewalk.  The wind chill means that you can't stay outside for longer than 10-15 minutes, even if you're bundled up. It was so cold that the schools were closed for the next two days (1/26 and 1/27). They even closed the malls at 5pm on Monday 1/26 because of the amount of snow....but, the cold kept all the kids inside!!!!!

And so, Winter 2004 continues.....

February 1, 2004  Super Bowl

Yup, it's that time of year again. The day voted by women to be their "most hated day of the year"......who cares, it's Super Bowl time!!!

Originally, we had planned to watch the game up at our favorite local bar, Lunkers. But, as with anything in Omaha at this time of year, the weather intervened and threw in a curve ball, this time in the form of yet another 12" of snow. So, instead of spending a pleasant afternoon in the bar watching football, the webmaster instead spent most of the afternoon removing snow!!!!





Needless to say, Lisa and I did not go anywhere today or this afternoon.....mind you, we did watch the game and have a few restorative cordials during the game!!!!

As for the game, after a very boring first half, the last half was very exciting. Mind you, the commercials were not worth watching, with the only exceptions being The Simpson's  [MasterCard] and Subway adds. The rest sucked!!!! Mind you, the Bud Lite adds were excellent, as usual...however, not brilliant as in previous years!!! Also, the webmaster managed to miss the "Janet Jackson" stint at half time.

As for the game itself, here are the results....


New England Patriots

Carolina Panthers

  32 29  

And so, with the end of the Super Bowl, the last real sport of 2003 ends. From now until September 2004, all we have is boring Baseball and about sports on tranquillizers!!!!

And so on to the Oversized Rodents Day.....

February 2, 2004

So, after receiving an additional 12" of snow the previous day, it was time for the annual "Groundhog's Day", where everyone waits with baited breathe on whether an oversized rodent does or doesn't see it's shadow. What a complete waste of time....we all know that we're going to have six more weeks of winter, so why is there all this excitement about hanging around for an indication from an oversized rat!!!!

Well, you ask, what did the oversized rat see....we can't answer what he saw, but we can tell you that he didn't see his shadow. So, guess what, six more weeks of snow. No sN>M Sherlock...after 12" of snow the previous day, we sure as heck didn't need an oversized rat to tell us that we have six more weeks of winter to go!!!! Plus, just looking at the next five days weather forecast, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.....especially with Monday, February 2, 2004, being the third snow day of the season....

5 Day Forecast for ZIP Code 68116
Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Partly Cloudy
18 | 7
21 | 10
Chance of Snow
16 | 3
Chance of Snow
15 | 1
Partly Cloudy
20 | 8
Partly Cloudy Snow Chance of Snow Chance of Snow Partly Cloudy

Six more weeks of winter to go....

And so, Winter 2004 continues.......

February 14, 2004

Yes, the world's most famous Hallmark Day. Also proudly sponsored by chocolate companies and flower shops.  And so Valentine's Day 2004 rolled a break with tradition, we decided to spend the evening at home with a quiet, home cooked meal. Not to mention, with a bottle of bubbly or two. Given that the weather over the last week had been so lousy, it was the best way to spend Valentine's Day for 2004...

And so Winter 2004 continued.....

February 21, 2004 Hawaiian Night

This is an unexpected post. Lunkers Sports Bar & Grill, our local bar, had a Hawaiian night on Saturday, February 21, 2002. This kind of thing is common in the's basically a "summer party" in the middle of winter. Mind you, with the weather we've been having over the last month or so, we deserve any break from the cold we can think of. Anyway, the webmaster and Lisa had to up to this event so we could take some photos to post on the Lunkers official web site. So, we asked a couple of really good friends to attend with us....any excuse to catch up and have a few beers/drinks. Here are a few personal photos of the evening....





As you can see, at least some of our party was brave enough to get up and do Karaoke....unlike the webmaster and Lisa. You can see the rest of the photos from the Hawaiian Night at

So much for Hawaiian Night....or, "summer in the middle of winter"....

Well, that's it for the relief from's back to Winter 2004....

March 15, 2004: Corporate Tax Day

Yes, it's that time of year again. The time when your CPA becomes your new best friend for a couple of weeks of the year. On this date each year, Corporate Taxes have to be filed for an "S" Corporation.  Fun time for all involved. While we normally try and make sure our personal taxes are also completed by this time...this year, however, it was a little different...

And so, you ask, what happened this year. Well, this was the first "complete" year for us as an independent company, so it made our taxes all the more complicated. As a result, while we had all our personal tax stuff in on time, our CPA decided to concentrate totally o the business side of our returns. Besides, we still have a month to get our personal stuff into the IRS. So, after 3-4 weeks of number crunching, the result were in....we actually owed the government money!!!! Mind you, it wasn't much, but it was the first time we've ever owed  had to actually fork out money to the IRS at tax time....yikes!!!! But, our CPA took care of things....we sent in a check, and she sent the IRS a letter apologizing for the stupidity of her clients. Hopefully, that will be the end of that!!!

About the only other "notable" happening on Corporate Tax day 2004 regarded the weather...3-5" of the white stuff, which seemed to come from nowhere....hopefully, it's winters last swansong!!!!!





As you can see, the white stuff was coming down pretty thick....and so ended Corporate Tax Day 2004...and Winter 2004 rolls on!!!!

March 17, 2004

This is the last official "party" day of winter. Lots of green beer, a traditional visit to an Irish Bar, a corned beef sandwich (yuck!!!) and the mandatory hangover the next day.  However, this year, we didn't do too much. The webmaster had a job interview at 8:30am, so his day was pretty much hosed as a result. Mind you, the webmasters beard finally came off. After 2 and 1/2 years, it was time to come off!!!






We'll let you decide which photo is of which!!! And so, that was our St. Patrick's Day for 2004....

Winter 2004 goes on...but, not for too much longer (we hope)....

March 19, 2004 Almanac Entry

This is an anniversary of sorts. A year ago today, George [Dubyya] Bush Jr launched his illegal invasion of Iraq, under the guise of the now proven lie that Saddam Hussein had Weapons of Mass Distraction [WMD], which he was going to deploy within minutes against the US and the other members of the coalition of the bribed, coerced and liars. The operation against Iraq, coded named Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIL), was premised on lies, deceptions, greed and falsehoods. It is therefore appropriate to review some of these outrageous claims made by Dubyya, Blair [Dubyyas love child] and Howard [Dubyyas other pathetic, long lost, love child] prior to them embarking on a war which killed some 30K+ innocent Iraqi civilians.

  • WMD. Not a drop has been found. Lie #1.

  • Hussein had links with Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda. Not a single provable link has been provided. Mind you, every Al-Qaeda terrorist is now either in, or en-route, to Iraq since the Dubyya invasion. Lie #2.

  • OIL was not about OIL. The only thing that's working now in Iraq is the OIL industry. Schools, infrastructure, bridges, roads, water systems, sewers, etc have all been all been destroyed and Dubyya has ensured that money only goes to OIL reconstruction, nothing else. Lie #3.

  • Dubyya and Co. would be welcomed as liberating heroes. This may have been certainly true initially, but with lack of progress on every other issue (such as law and order, schools, etc), this is definitely no longer the case. As of today [3/19], 493 US servicemen and women have gone home in body bags. Lie #4.

  • Dubyya and Co. claimed that Iraqi sovereignty would be handed back to a democratically elected Iraqi government. So far, Dubyya and Co. have resisted all attempts to hold elections and have made sure that power resides only with a bunch of cronies and flunkies hand picked by Dubyya and his band of merry liars and cheats. Lie #5.

  • Dubyya and Co. don't need UN authorization to go to war...."we don't need no stinking authorization". The answer to that one is quite obvious....Dubyya and Co. are scrambling around attempting to coerce the rest of the world to get involved with the mess Dubyya and his love children caused. Lie #6.

With nothing getting any better in Iraq anytime soon, it will be interesting to see how much more Dubyya and Co. can screw up before the second anniversary of OIL.

And so, Winter 2004 goes on...only a couple more days to go though!!!

March 22, 2004:

This will be the last posting of the season. Winter 2004 is officially over, and spring is with us. After all these months of snow and cold, we're all looking forward to some sunny, warm weather!!!! But, with the onset of spring comes the threat of rain and tornadoes. But, the man thing is that Winter is finally over. Actually, Winter 2004 was fairly mild by Nebraska standards, just lots of snow!!!

Category Date High Temperature Low Temperature
Coldest Day January 28, 2004 3F -8F
Warmest Day March 19, 2004 72F 52F

Finally, the average high and lows for Winter 2004:

Category Temperature (F)
Average High Temperature 37F
Average Low Temperature 21F

For those of you that are really interested in the weather, here is the daily average, maximum and minimum temperatures for Omaha over Winter 2004:

This should keep you "weather nuts" happy for a while. Remember, people from down under, all temperatures are in F.

So, that's pretty much our Winter 2004. Alas  therefore, this will probably be the last update for season 2004 (unless we remember something really fantastic that happened!!!).

Follow this link to see our Spring 2004 activities.....

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