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Before you can progress to the good stuff....what's new here:

Football 2009. The 2009 season is over and the 2010 season is still a long way off ( days). The 2009 season results has been archived and the main page updated to reflect the end of the 2009 season. Check back much later in the year for season 2010.

Fall 2009. This website is now open for business and will be updated soon for our activities for Fall 2009. Check it out....

Summer 2009.  We've just archived the Summer 2009 sub-web....while our activities for 2009 can still be seen on the archived sub-web, the official Summer web site have been prepared for the 2010 activities...

And now, on to the normal-static good stuff...

Well, enough of you have been asking a few questions that may or may not be worth answering. What are we doing here in Omaha, what does our home look like, and what are the seasons like here. In truth, only about three people have asked for this stuff (and all of them have our phone numbers!!!!). But, it seemed like a good thing to do...also, fun!!!

Well, to answer these monumental questions, we (well, actually, I've made the decision....hey, I'm the one that writes the code for this stuff!!!) to split things off on a "seasonal" basis. The weather here in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, changes so dramatically per season, that we'd show our house and "regal property" [Freudian slip there] on a seasonal basis. That way, you get to see both the house and environs, as it changes as the seasons changes. Finally, the piece de-resistance is that we will have a calendar for each season. Imagine that, a three month calendar per season (yes folks, there are only three months per season...based upon a strange thing called "solstices"). Don't get too confused, it's really quite simple actually.

So, before we get into a weather lesson, this is what our house looked on April 30, 2001. Yes, it was into Spring, but not too much had happened. They are all thumbnails, so click on them to see the larger version. It's a lot like certain parts of peoples anatomy...they don't get larger until they're "clicked" on.

Front of our House

Other Front Of our House

Back of our house plus tree

As you can tell, someone here in Omaha was not too successful in taking pictures that afternoon. Give me a break, it was the second time I'd had to cut the grass. Not into this "outside stuff". But, the next photos are really a whole lot better!!!

Now, on to the seasonal difference between the US and the "southern kin", namely, south of the 30th parallel. The weather here in Omaha sets its clocks by the for each or the four seasons. As opposed to the "southern" realms, we here up north follow the following seasonal solstices (pay attention, this is not that hard). The temperatures and precipitation are for Omaha, Nebraska.

Season Winter Spring Summer Fall/Autumn
Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Average High Temp 30F 37F 48F 64F 75F 84F 90F 86F 79F 66F 50F 37F
Average Low Temp  10F 18F 27F 39F 52F 63F 66F 64F 54F 43F 28F 18F
Average Precip 0.79" 0.91" 1.93" 2.95" 4.33" 4.09" 3.62" 4.09" 3.50" 2.09" 1.34" 0.79"
Record High 66F 76F 88F 96F 100F 104F 107F 106F 103F 93F 81F 68F
Year 1981 1972 1986 1989 1967 1988 1974 1983 1955 1975 1999 1998
Record Low -22F -25F -16F 7F 25F 40F 44F 44F 28F 13F -11F -24F
Year 1982 1996 1960 1975 1967 1998 1971 1986 1984 1997 1964 1983

And yes, all temperatures are quoted in F. Hey, kids from down under, get the calculator and do the math to convert to C yourselves!! Precipitation is in inches. Anyway, this is what the calendar at the top of the page is all about. It should be kind of easy for most people to's color coded (the colors correspond to the solstices discussed in the above table). See, we told you it wouldn't be that hard!!!! Hopefully, the color scheme should be self explanatory.

Anyway, this is how this thing works. We will be updating the links that follow with pictures of house, our schedule and what we are doing (highlights and lowlights). So, within any given season, the link will be updated constantly. So, remember to come back and check out the links regularly. By the way, if you attempt to access an invalid link, it will tell you so!! We hope that you find this as much fun as we do developing it!!!

Season Link to Follow
Winter Winter 2010 at the Burton's
Spring Spring 2009 at the Burton's
Summer Summer 2009  at the Burton's
Fall/Autumn Fall 2009 at the Burton's

Finally, for those of ya'all that don't know the layout of Omaha, please refer to the following map:

Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Omaha, Nebraska, United States, North America

As usual, have fun. If you want to provide any feedback about our web site, go to the feedback page

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