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This page contains information that Stephen hopes you find either interesting and/or completely useless. The bottom line is: have fun!!!!!


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For those of you that are interested (and I can't for the life of me see why you would be , follow this link for a brief "professional overview": Professional Blurb


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To go to some sites that Stephen thinks are really cool, follow the following link:

Cool Links Page

Remember, just because we think them cool, it doesn't necessarily mean that you peoples will!!! That, by the way, is our official disclaimer. Remember, one of these links may help you to learn how to:


  • Family Vacations and Trips

For those of you that are interested, come and see where, when and with whom we take our vacations. Fun for all the family.....Vacation Trips


  • Where I've Been

Even though I've only been in the USA since 1993, I've still managed to see a fair bit of the country side. Follow this link Where I've Been to find out where I've been.


Okay, now for the obvious question. What is an Australian doing in Omaha, and where is Omaha. As for why: I got lost. As for where: Nebraska. Here's a cool map of of the central plains of the US of A, which includes Nebraska, for those of you who are "geographically challenged":

Great Plains

United States, North America

United States, North America


Beyond the map, the only way for ya'all to find out where, why and how Omaha is, is to come visit (hint, hint!!!).

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