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Spring 2003 has been and gone........Check out what we did over Spring Season 2003.....

Welcome to the Spring 2003 sub web archive. This is what happens to a season when it's finally over and time has moved on. But, in order to keep a historical perspective, we keep previous seasons memory by archiving them.

So, without further ado: Let's see what our activities were for Spring 2003.

Spring was on us again on as of March 22 2003...yep, we will have officially survived winter.  Well, as you know, spring time here in Omaha can have many, varied weather patterns. It is not unusual to have snow, we always have lots of rain, then there's the odd tornado or three. Plus, to tell the truth, the temperatures can be up and down like a yo-yo. To put it mildly, the weather here can be very "interesting".

So, before we even start spring, we are asking the following questions  for Spring 2003 in Omaha, Nebraska:


Will we get snow in spring (i.e., when will the last snow fall)??? On April 7, we had 7" of the white stuff dumped on us.......


How much rain will we have this season??? Answer: Heaps....for the first time in years, we actually have had a normal spring....lots of rain!!!!!


How many tornadoes will we dodge for the season??? Answer: Luckily, we were able to dodge all the tornadoes that sprung up around Omaha.


What will the highest temperature be (i.e., when can we start wearing shorts again)??? Answer: See the weather below.


What will the lowest temperature for the season be (i.e., how long will we have to keep our winter coats out)??? Answer: See the weather below.


How long will the war with Iraq take????? Answer: "Official" hostilities ended on May 1 according to GWB Jr. Mind you, you tell that to the US and British soldiers who are being killed on a daily basis!!!!


When do we start attacking North Korea??? Answer: It looks like GWB Jr has decided that he wants to take on Iran and Syria instead of North Korea.

All these questions, and many others, will be answered before the end of spring.

So, what's on the agenda for the Burton's in spring 2003....

March 21, 2003

Start of Spring...yippee....we've survived winter.


April 3, 2003: Almanac Entry

Yes.....after surviving four-five months of cold, miserable weather, we're finally now into seasons where the temperature is supposed to increase, not decrease (at least that's the plan). So, we thought that we'd add some early season photos of something other than a white, snow covered house, especially now that the first signs of spring are here (i.e., green, growing things....hopefully, all that is green and growing doesn't mean weeds).

And so, without further ado, here are the first signs of spring here in Omaha:



Yes, we are aware that the lawn looks pretty tatty....give us a break!!!!! It's only been spring for a little over a week!!!!! But you should be able to see the evidence of spring!!!

We also decided to add some inside photos as well. We figured that we've never really put any inside photos onto this website, so we thought this was a most opportune time. Actually, if the truth be known, we just cleaned the entire house for an upcoming business meeting. So, we figured we'd take advantage of the situation to prove to others that we can in fact keep a clean house. Mind you, don't ask how long it will stay quite so pristine!!!!!!




And so, there you have it. Proof of something other than snow in Omaha, and that we can have a clean house!!!

All we can say is that things should only get better from now on.........weather wise anyway!!!!!!


April 7, 2003: Almanac Entry

Of course, just when we started getting ready for spring....Omaha had to go and throw its normal curve ball. Less than a week ago, we were welcoming the first sign of spring growth.....only to have Omaha dump 7" of the white stuff on us!!!!! What was green and growing a week ago, is now covered with an all together familiar layer of "white stuff". Unfortunately, most of the stiff didn't fall until after Lisa left for work...alas, no snow day for her!!!! But, the webmaster had the great job of having to shovel 7" of wet snow off the driveway....not his idea of fun!!!!!

And so, we returned to the usual "winter wonderland" theme....and yes, the white stuff floating about in some of the photos is real snow!!!!!



And so, to paraphrase the movie Jaws.....just when you thought it was time to go back into the water......

Hopefully, though, this snow fall will be winter's last hurrah. In typical Omaha fashion, it should be gone by tomorrow [we hope.....]. However, sometimes in Omaha, you never can tell........

Finally, here is a photo of the webmaster, taken by Lisa over this last weekend. Hopefully, this will help prove to people that the webmaster's health has improved dramatically since last year. More on that to follow....

Hopefully, this is winter's last hurrah and we won't be posting anything more regarding snow until Winter next year. But, as this is Omaha, you really can never tell what is going to happen...


April 15, 2003

Still not quite sure why we included this one is here. This is the day that every tax payer hates: Tax Day. All tax payers must have their tax returns either into the IRS or the envelopment must be stamped by today. The even crazier thing is that 33 million Americans will spend today racing about to either get filings complete, or file for extensions. All post office's are open until midnight to accommodate these idiots. The really dumb thing is: this date DOES NOT CHANGE!!!!. We all know it's coming, year after year. How much brain power does it take to be a little bit organized (especially with the IRS...the crowd that brought down Al Calpone). Screw this midnight crap!!!!

As we had our taxes done a full month ago [see here for details], our day was spent like any other day....doing nothing. In fact we'd already received our full tax return the day before.....so, today was a moot point. But, so many other Americans spent all day trying to get things done on time....idiots!!!!!!

And so, it's now onto the next Spring Event.....


April 17 - April 21, 2003

This time for Easter, we headed out to Sterling, IL, to spend the Easter Break with Lisa's parents. At 10am [ish] on Thursday April 17, the webmaster and Lisa set out from Omaha, Nebraska, with our final destination for the Day being Moline, Illinois. We were to spend the night there and catch up with various friends before heading out to Sterling, IL, on Friday April 18. We won't bore you with the map again....we figure that you've all seen it enough times that you don't need to really see it again. Needless to say, the trip across Iowa was it's normal incredibly boring self. See below for the our count of "highway oddities" we experienced on our road trip to Moline/Sterling.

Once in Moline, we hooked up with Lisa's good friend Nancy Lavin. Of course, we then proceeded to go to a few of our normal "bars" and "stomping grounds". We started out at the Belgian Village Inn [BVI] for a late lunch....we then went to Len Brown's North Shore Inn, on the banks of the Rock River, where we caught up with another good friend, JJ. After that, it was off to Leisure Time, which really is the old stomping ground for Lisa and Nancy. All in all, a great night was had by all. Mind you, some of us [read....all of us] were feeling a bit "under the weather" the next day. But, heck, it's a dirty job, nut someone has to do it. For those that are interested, here is a map of the Moline area so you can see where we went on Thursday.....

And so, after the bars, it was time to head back to Nancy's for the night....at least what was left of it. Here are some photos of the whole evening.....




And so, after a night of revelry, it was time to set out from Moline to Sterling.....mind you, we didn't set out until 3pm on Friday. We had to have the obligatory pizza as well as spending the afternoon/morning watching soaps.  Thankfully, the webmaster was able to sleep through most of the soaps.....he still has no clue as to why people watch such shows!!!!!

After a brief 55 minute drive, we were in Sterling, Illinois. And so began Easter......

We spent a very pleasant evening on Friday with Lisa's folks, which included a trip to a great restaurant.....the Forest Inn in Morrison, IL. Great food....good company as well. For those of you interested, here is a map of where the restaurant is....

On Saturday, we visited the mall so Lisa and her mother could do some clothes shopping for Lisa. While the girls shopped, Slim [Lisa's dad] and the webmaster retired to a local bar for a few "restorative cordials" [aka margaritas]. Heck, someone had to do it.....this shopping business is tiring, thirsty work. As usual, we were able to solve the problems of life, the universe and everything [42]. It's amazing how a few cocktails solves all problems!!!!! Mind you, all we have to do is remember what our solutions were so we can remember them next time!!!! After supper [At Willey's Mexican Restaurant....yes, it is a strange name for a Mexican Restaurant], Lisa and the webmaster went out with Lisa's brother [Ross] for a few more restorative cordials at his local stomping ground.....a place called "The Precinct". And, yes, it is bar frequented by members of "Sterling's finest".

On Sunday, it was off to Easter Sunday Mass at the ungodly hour [yes, pun intended] of 11am. Hey, give us a break. The webmaster NEVER gets out of bed before 11am on a Sunday.....and Lisa's church has a service at the far more civilized time of 12:15pm. And, no, the key stone in the church did NOT crumble when the webmaster entered the church. After church, it was time for lunch at the Colonial Rose Inn, a really cool restaurant in Grand Detour, IL. It's a historically listed site that has been turned into a "Bed and Breakfast" as well as a restaurant. The food is fantastic. Slim and Lynn had taken us there once before a few years ago [about three years we think]. Unfortunately, Lisa and the webmaster were sick at the time and could not truly enjoy the experience. This time, however, both of us were in fine form and were able to really enjoy the experience. Especially the webmaster....who was able to sit down and eat a 12Oz pepper steak for the first time in about five [5] years.

What follows here is a map to the restaurant as well as photos taken during the course of lunch....a great time was had by all.....




After lunch, we went on a brief drive along the Rock River to see some of the houses where the "other half" live. Very impressive!!!!! Then, it was back to Sterling for supper [groan!!!!!.....no one was really hungry after the huge lunch] and then the obligatory game of Euchre. This time it Lisa and the webmaster against Slim and Ross. Needless to say......Lisa and the webmaster kicked some butt!!!! Better luck next time boys......

And so, alas, the following day it was time to depart Sterling, IL to head back to Omaha, NE. We left Sterling at about 1pm and were back in the Omaha area by about 6:30pm. Not to back. After a brief stop at the Prestige Bar, we were home.....a great Easter and our first road trip in a year [almost to the day....]. Speaking of road trips, for those wondering what the "official number counts" for "highway oddities" for this trip, see below. Remember, the rules can be found at this link.....


Description Cops Boats Tow Trucks Golf Carts Jet Skis Cars in Ditches Houses Motorbikes Greyhound Bus Train
Enroute to Sterling 24 14 1 0 1 4 4 7 1 1
Enroute back to Omaha 5 25 4 0 3 5 0 17 2 1

And so, that was our Easter for 2003....


May 1, 2003 Almanac Entry

On the flight deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln, US President George Bush Junior declared that the "major combat phase in Iraq is over". This was a very interesting statement. Since then, some 85 US military personnel have been killed in combat....more than those killed during Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL). Since then, they have not been able to locate Saddam Hussein or his sons. The Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD) are also proving illusive to find. The regime in Washington is now saying that the world needs patience to give them [the US] time to find these weapons.....sounds a lot like what Hans Blix [the head of the UN Weapons Inspectors Team] said. Meanwhile, the evidence is mounting that Bush and Blair [the British love child of Bush] not only "hyped" the intelligence regarding WMD's, but that they actively lied to the rest of the world as well. Talk about a credibility problem. John Howard of Australia also has this credibility problem.

During OIL, many thousands of innocent Iraqis died. The Pentagon refuses to discuss how many, or admit that a single Iraqi civilian died during OIL. In the mean time, US troops stood by and watched the looting of Iraq's museums and the theft of thousands of items dating back some 5,000 years which came from Mesopotamia, which is widely acknowledged as the cradle of Western Civilization. We can't rally blame the US military....they were under strict orders to secure the OIL Ministry and the OIL infrastructure as a matter of strategic importance. Never mind the Geneva War Conventions....this was always about OIL.

During OIL, the US economy continued it's downward spiral. Unemployment is now at a ten year high. Deflation is a real problem. So, what's Bush's answer....tax cuts for the rich and investment stock owners. Wow, that will really help the economy. At the same time, he is now actively gunning for both Iran and North Korea. Personally, I thought we fought the cold war to contain and destroy a dangerous power....now, we are becoming the Soviet Union......hell bent on transforming the world into our own image and prepared to break every international law to achieve it.

Don't worry....this will not be the last update and/or editorial on this issue!!!

May 12, 2003: Denver, Colorado

In a sign of the times, the webmaster has taken another short term contract, this time with Citibank in Denver, Colorado. It's a six month gig. The good thing about this gig is that Denver is only 55 minutes flying time from Omaha. It's a direct flight, so no having to go through another hub. So, for the next six months I'll be shuttling back and forwards between Denver and Omaha every two weeks!!!! But, at least it's going to be over summer, so Lisa will be able to come for a few visits!!!!

So, for those of you who are geographically challenged, the following map(s) show where both Denver is as well as where in Denver I'm staying in, which by the way is Englewood.


Denver to Englewood

In case anyone is interested, it's some 32 miles from Denver International Airport to Englewood. This is because only in Denver would you build the main airport so far from everything!!!!! It's in the middle of no where!!!!!! To make matters worse, the security system in place is so badly run that it takes, on average, some two hours to clear security. Then, it's another 15-20 minutes to get to your gate via underground trains which seem to only run every 10-15 minutes. Talk about a nightmare!!!!!

The webmaster is staying in an area of Denver called the "Denver Tech Center" [DTC]. it is suburb of Denver started during the dot.com bubble...needless to say, there are lots of empty, vacant office buildings, all of which were built within the last five years. It's really depressing to see all the empty buildings and parking lots. But, on the upside, there are lots of great hotel deals around here. They built excess capacity during the dot.com bubble, only to see demand evaporate on the twin horns of the dot.com bubble burst and the 9/11 tragedy. We're only paying $30 a night....you can't get an apartment for that price.

We will keep you all posted on the coming and goings from Denver. Hopefully, this year we won't get the forest fires they had here in Denver last year. Also, we may be able to miss the Nebraska Tornado season as well!!!!

 And so, on to the next spring activity.....

  May 26, 2003

Memorial Day is traditionally a day to have a party. It's the official start of the BBQ season and, more importantly, the driving season. This year, Lisa and the webmaster did not do too much. In fact, we did absolutely nothing. This was the webmasters first trip home since commencing the contract in Denver, so there was a lot of things to be done around the house....the so called "honey do" list. The webmaster arrived in Omaha at 5:55pm on Friday [5/23] and didn't return to Denver until 6:40pm on Monday [5/26].

On Friday evening, we caught up with the Aussie contingent in Omaha, including some visiting brethren from out of town. It was a very pleasant evening....mind you, I think we all had maybe one restorative cordial too many..... On Saturday, we spent the evening watching Harry Potter 1 and 2.....we had just received Harry Potter 2 [The Chamber of Secrets] it on DVD. A very relaxing evening. Sunday and Monday were spent goofing around the house....

While it may have been a quite long weekend, it was very relaxing and enjoyable. On Monday evening, the webmaster returned to Denver and Memorial Day was officially over for 2003. 


 May 11 thru June 20, 2003

As we did last year [when the webmaster shuttled between Omaha and Indianapolis], we are tracking the "on-time" results of the webmasters flights between Omaha and Denver. Follow this link to see how bad it was last year!!!!

So, here are the results for Spring 2003:

Date Airline Origination Destination Flight Status Delay Cause Added Benefit
May 11, 2003 United Omaha, NE Denver, CO On Time None None
May 23, 2003 United Denver, CO Omaha, NE 15 minutes Early None None
May 26, 2003 United Omaha, NE Denver, CO On Time None None
June 6, 2003 United Denver, CO Omaha, NE 10 min Early None None
June 8, 2003 United Omaha, NE Denver, CO On Time None None
June 20, 2003 United Denver, CO Omaha, NE 30 minutes Late Weather in Denver None

The 83% on time statistic is a definite improvement over last year, when United only had a 25% on time rate. But we shall see if it remains like this over the summer months.


June 22, 2003

This is the last posting of the season. Spring is officially over and summer is with us. Mind you, not that the weather has changed to much in the last few days. And, now for some season statistics

Category Date High Temperature Low Temperature
Coldest Day April 2, 2003 30.00F 11.00F
Warmest Day April 14, 2003 90.00F 62.00F

Finally, the average high and lows for Spring 2002

Category Temperature (F)
Average High Temperature 68.45F
Average Low Temperature 46.60F

For those of you that are really interested in the weather, here is the daily, maximum and minimum, temperatures for Omaha over Spring 2003:

This should keep you "weather nuts" happy for a while. Remember, people from down under, all temperatures are in F.

So, that's pretty much our Spring 2003. Alas  therefore, this will probably be the last update for season 2003 (unless we remember something really fantastic that happened!!!). Hope you've all had as much fun watching this season unfold as much as we have. In case you haven't guessed, the next Spring posting will be in late March 2004...see ya'all back then. Enjoy the rest of the year. Yo'all come back, ya hear!!!!!


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