Spring 2001

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Ah, spring in Nebraska. Lots of rain, some sunshine, and the last chance of snow until September. We'll be posting photo's here throughout Spring of the house, us, and things we've been doing. So, for now, sit back, and click your way through the Spring of 2001!!!!!

Come back and check regularly during Spring for updates!!!!

May 12, 2001

Front of House

Back of House

Side View

Front View

Back Yard


Veggie Patch


View from back deck

Other view from back deck

Lower back deck


By the way, for those of you doubters, the veggie patch was only planted on May 12 (i.e., the day these photos were taken). It will look a whole lot different in about a month. In the last three years, we have been extremely successful with our vegetable patch, so just hang around and watch!!!

For those of you interested, we planted the following veggies this year: Sweet Corn, lettuce, beans, spinach, white onions, pencil beans, water melons and peas.

Now all we need is lots of rain and sunshine. Like we said before, check back soon to see how their all doing.

June 16, 2001

As promised, the latest photo updates. As you can see, not too much has really happened, except that the plants are growing and our vegetable garden is coming along nicely. Look and enjoy!!!

wpe2B.jpg (149117 bytes)

main view of our house

wpe1.jpg (200889 bytes)

side view of front garden

wpe3.jpg (282195 bytes)

other view of front garden

wpe5.jpg (159000 bytes)

front Day Lilly garden

wpe7.jpg (225851 bytes)

side view of house and garden

wpe9.jpg (172232 bytes)

top of the veggie garden

wpeB.jpg (166479 bytes)

lower view of veggie garden

wpeD.jpg (105577 bytes)

back deck in full sunlight

wpeF.jpg (256649 bytes)

the infamous two evergreen's 


This will be the last posting for Spring 2001. We now move into "summer" mode, so follow us to the summer page!!!!!!


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