The redevelopment project officially started on June 25, 2001, with the official ground breaking ceremony. But, before you can see either the ceremony, the construction or the new building, you have to get a feeling of just how small the current Omaha Hearing School property was.

So, without further ado, hear is what the old school property looked like inside:


Old OHS Interior

By the way, for those unfamiliar with thumbnails, simply "double-click" on the following images for a larger view.

Lisa's Room

Lisa's Room

Wonderful Storage

Another School Room

Lisa's huge office!!!

Huge Kitchen

Another view of the huge kitchen

Modern Restroom facilities

More modern restroom facilities

Another Office

Another Office

Another School Room

Another School Room

"Spacey" Observation Room

Modern Stairwells

Front Office

Another School Room

Tutoring Room

School Room

Final School Room

So. we think you should all by now have "gotten the picture" regarding the state of facilities at Omaha Hearing School. So, with funding in hand, these intrepid folks begun the daunting task of building a new school wing. But, first, they had to have the official Ground Breaking Ceremony!!!


Ground Breaking Ceremony

One June 25th, 2001, the official ground breaking ceremony was held. We know it was "official" because Omaha's new mayor was there (politicians, bless their hearts, can never forgo a "press bite"...especially one involving children!!). The students, staff, some parents, hanger-oners (such as myself), press and other interested parties were all in attendance.

In the beginning, there was the "gathering" of the folks:

After the "gathering", there were the "mandatory" speeches....

Once the speeches were over and done with, it was finally time for the kids...

And so, with the breathe of a June sunny day in Omaha, it was all over. Gone were the press and the politicians. Now came the construction phase...banging, crashing, dust, drilling, concrete, etc...ABSOLUTE BEDLAM!!!


Construction Phase 1

So, the intrepid crew (aka: teachers and students) had survived the "ground breaking" ceremony. However, would they, like the castaways from Gilligan's Island, survive the storm that was to follow???

So here we go...we've attempted to keep the indoor and outdoor stuff separate. But, we cannot guarantee 100% holding to that. We also reserve the right not to have a long commentary on things. Yo'all should be able to figure out construction by now!!!! As usual, double click on the thumbnails to get a bigger picture....

So, that's the outdoor for the indoor environment:

Finally, before we complete the construction phase tour, a couple of "roof" shots:

And so, after six long, cruel, arduous months of construction, months spent without love, affection, electricity, food and water, construction was finally OVER. The new wing was complete, habitable and ready for action.

New Wing Interior

And so, my intrepid explorers, I hear you say: "well, what does it look like inside???".

As promised, we've started to post some photos of the interior of the new wing. While the initial number of photos may seem low, we've been promised more as time goes by:

New Lobby

Another new Lobby

Lisa's new room

New bathroom stalls

New Bathroom sinks

Check on back regularly to see more photos of the interior of the new wing.


Construction Phase 2

Phase 2 construction guts the interior of the old wing . It will then be completely reconstructed.

The photos that follow should be self explanatory (i.e. they show the interior of a building being gutted and reconstructed).

Not sure if there will be any more of Phase 2 construction. Who knows...all depends on the photographer!!! Be sure to come back and check it out!!!


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