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This is the home page for Lisa's stuff pertaining to the Omaha Hearing School (OHS). It will be changing regularly as new bits and pieces are added.

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As promised last year, we are actually finally [well, this is my fault, not Lisa's] posting some OHS stuff. So, read on!!!! Remember, come back and check out the updates regularly!!!!

Before we go on, just so that folks know where the Omaha Hearing School is in Omaha, we have prepared the following map for you:

Having given everyone the geography lesson, it's now on to the site updates. Hopefully, people will realize that OHS is in OMAHA, Nebraska...hence the name Omaha Hearing School.


Omaha Hearing School Redevelopment Project

In 2001, OHS began a project to build an additional wing on the school. The project was to be executed in two phases:

Phase 1: Building of the new school wing and moving existing students and staff into the new wing

Phase 2: Complete redevelopment of the old wing and then move all the people back into both wings.

Key dates for the OHS redevelopment project are as follows:

Phase Key Deliverable Scheduled Completion Date Completed
Phase 1 Ground Breaking June 25, 2001 Yes
  New Wind Construction December 2001 Yes
  Occupation of New Wing January 7, 2002 Yes
Phase 2 Redevelopment of Old Wing May 2002 In Progress
  Occupation of Old Wing June 2002  

As you can see, while they are a "goodly" way into the project, there is still quite a way to go. Anyway, due to the size of the project, and the number of photos taken, we've had to add a redevelopment page to the sub-web. Follow it see how things are going!!! As always: remember, check back regularly for updates. Photos of the existing facilities have been posted already. Photos of the Ground Breaking Ceremony, and Phase 1 construction work have all been posted. The next bunch of photos will be of the internals of the new wing. Great stuff.


This will not be the last sections added to this sub-web. Now that we've actually started posting updates, they're going to come very regularly. So, come on back soon!!


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