Family Photographs


These photos were provided by John and Rae Burton and are a mixture of John Burton's side of the family: These were provided in January 2009.

Jack and Doreen Burton. Harvey Bay, Queensland, Australia, 1970's

Doreen Burton and John and Morris. 1941.

Grandma Morris. Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, 1960's

Jack and Doreen Burton. 1940.

Morris Burton, 1941

Morris and John Burton. Aunt Helen. Gympie,Queensland, Australia, 1947

Rae, Dooren, Morris and Wendy Burton. Bentleigh, Victoria, Australia. 1987

Wendy and Morris Burton. Wendy's family. Brisbane, Australia. 1960's


This second set of photos are a mixture of photos and documents provided by John and Rae Burton. The documents have obviously been scanned in and then digitized. The photos were provided in February 2009.

Amanda Burton. Late 1960's.

Death Certificate, Part 1

Death Certificate Part 2

Discharge Paper, Part 1

Discharge Papers, Part 2

Discharge Papers, Part 3

Discharge Papers, Part 4

Marriage Certificate, Part 1

Marriage Certificate, Part 2

Marriage Certificate, Part 1

Marriage Certificate, Part 2

Morris and Wendy Burton, Late 1960's.

Ticket, Part 1

Ticket, Part 2

Unknown Danish Document, 1870's


The following is a copy of a documenting detailing Jack Burton's military service:

Legislative Assembly


 From: South Isis,

Childers (Qland) April 22nd 1969.

 To: Mr. J. Burton

12 Ocean Street

Torquay  Q’land   4657

 Dear Mr. Burton,

 I have received details of your full time service as recorded at the Central Army Records Office, Albert Park Barracks, Melbourne.

 Your period of prescribed operational service within Australia is listed as :

 Area  -  Darwin

 From – 11th July 1943 to 22 August 1944.

 In answer to my (your?) question as to whether you were entitled to an aged pension at 60 years of age is as follows:

 Eligibility for service pension is a matter of determination by the repatriation department.

 I am submitting your case to the Repatriation Department for consideration.

 Yours sincerely,


J>R>H> Blake    MLA

Member for Isis

 This is a copy of a letter found in John’s files (son of the above J. Burton) and we have saved it in My Documents.  Dated February 5th 2009.  (R. Burton)


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