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It's now after September 22, which means that officially, IT'S FALL (that's the same as Autumn for those down under!!!!!). So, the first immediate questions for us here in Omaha are:

  1. When will the first frost of the season occur??? Answer:- November 10, 2001

  2. When will we get the first snow of the season??? Answer:- December 18, 2001 in the form of "snizzle" (snow and ice)

  3. How much snow will we get for the season??? Answer:- Trace (as of 12/19)

  4. For how much longer will we be able to wear shorts and other summer like clothes??? Answer:- You still can and people still are!!!!

  5. Will we be at war with someone before this season is over (I hope to god not) Answer:- Answer should be obvious

Stay tuned......all of these, plus many other exciting questions will be answered over the next three months. So,  cruise the page, and remember to come on back soon!!!!

The main highlights of fall this year are as follows:

  •  Trip to Australia!!!! Yup, from October 20 through October 31 we will be down under. This is primarily for Stephen's 20th Year High School Reunion. Man, where has all the time gone!!!! Makes one feel old!!! But, of course, this trip is all dependant upon the US air industry being safe to fly by then!!!! But, being supremely confident, there are now only days until we leave

  •  Halloween. This is a uniquely American custom. Lots of fun!!!! Especially for the kids (and I don't just mean the little ones!!!!).

  •  Thanksgiving. Not quite sure where we will be for this one...either in Sterling, IL, or here in Omaha. More on this to follow!!!

  •  Parental trip. Stephen's parents are coming to the US for Christmas (ditto to the above item regarding flights). We hope to give them their first white Christmas. Can't promise the snow...but we can promise cold temperatures!!!

October 7, 2001

This is the first post for fall of 2001. It's a beautiful day here in Omaha (well, relatively beautiful anyway). So, we thought that we'd show you the house for the last time, as well as some of the "turning of the leaves". So, have a peek at our house for probably the last time this year in sunshine and no snow!!!!

See ya all back for Halloween and the trip down under!!!

October 8, 2001

Well, the news of the day on October 8, 2001, was that the incorporation procedures for our company were finally completed. So, as of now, Stephisa Technologies, Inc, is now a  legal, Incorporated entity in the state of Nebraska. We haven't got our web site up and running yet...that's the next thing. But, we have retained the services of a corporate attorney and a corporate accountant. Typical, the bureaucracy has to be sated before you can actually do anything!!! Anyway, our company logo is now a registered trade mark...so you all be nice out there!!!!

So, expect to see more on this over the coming months!!!! So, come on back and see what's going on.

October 13, 2001

Just to prove that we do actually do actually get some culture here in Omaha, we went to this year's last play at the Loft Theater, in Manly, Nebraska. This is a group of local amateurs that runs out of a converted hog barn (and no, we are not joking) who always do fantastic job on all their productions

They'd Hang for this in Nashville, May 19, 2001

Anything Goes, July 7, 2001

Nunsense, August 25, 2001

Arsenic and Old Lace, October 13

As you can see, it really is a converted hog barn....cold in Spring and Fall, but hotter than hell during the summer!!! By the way, the map shows where Manly Nebraska, is. Because of weather conditions, they can only do four shows a year. After October, it's too cold. So, unfortunately, that's the last of the "culture" stuff until May next year. Good thing football season is in full swing!!!

October 20- October 31, 2001

This was the trip of the year. Stephen went down under to visit the folks and attend the 20th year school reunion. While it was great catching up with family and friends, the school reunion was a complete waste of time, money and exercise. It's amazing how little some people have changed in twenty years. Overall, catching up with family and friends more than compensated for the reunion function.

So, you say, where are the holiday snaps. Well, Einstein here forgot to take his camera...also, Lisa is the only one with a digital camera. So, whatever photos there are few and far between. Thank god I here people say. Before you start dancing in the street, though, we did get some photos, mainly of family and friends. So, here we go

So, that's the some total of holiday snaps from down-under. As it wasn't really a "tourist" trip, we're not really disappointed that there are not more "landscape" snaps. This was a trip to see family.

What we will say, finally, though, is that the 30 hour trip (each way) is a real killer. Never make the trip unless you can spend at least two weeks down under. Otherwise, the trip will just kill you.

November 9-10, 2001

Having returned home from down under, we were looking forward to a period of rest and recuperation. But, that was not to be so. Within an week we were off to Moline, IL for a friends 40th birthday and to  Cedar Rapids for a wedding. Both were fun, but came a little too soon after the down under trip.

For those of you who are "geographically" challenged, the following map should show our trip route for this weekend.

So, having made it to Moline, IL on November 9, it was then time to party for JJ's 40th birthday. No names have been included on the thumbprints to protect the innocent...also, the people involved will know who the folks are.


So, having survived the birthday party, it was time to head of to Cedar Rapids on November 10 (complete with hangover) for a family wedding. It was a good night..



December 16, 2001

On December 16, 2001, Stephen's parents landed in Omaha. There will be more of this in the Winter 2002 sub-web.


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