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Greetings to our web site. This is the official web site of Stephen and Lisa Burton, sometimes referred to as the "northern US hideout" of the global Burtons clan. Being in Omaha, Nebraska, USA, we make this statement  to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the Burton clan, especially the "southern" ones. Hey, they can register their own domain name and start their own Web site!!!! 

Before you can progress to the good stuff....what's new here:

Football 2009. The 2009 season is over and the 2010 season is still a long way off ( days). The 2009 season results has been archived and the main page updated to reflect the end of the 2009 season. Check back much later in the year for season 2010.

Fall 2009. This website is now open for business and will be updated soon for our activities for Fall 2009. Check it out....

Summer 2009.  We've just archived the Summer 2009 sub-web....while our activities for 2009 can still be seen on the archived sub-web, the official Summer web site have been prepared for the 2010 activities...

So, you say, what's in Omaha. Nebraska. Well, we've got the SAC (Strategic Air Command) air force HQ, corn, pick up trucks and the Henry Doorley Zoo. Not to be forgotten...Boys Town. What more could you need!!!!

Skyline photo of Omaha -  Photography by Rick Anderson

Ok, you say, now that you know where we are (well, sort of), we guess that the next question is what is this web site and what purpose does it purport  to. Well, as for the first, it's a loose collection of "stuff" that we thought some of ya'all would find interesting. It's also a great way of keeping the folks down under up-to-date with what's going on in their "northern kindred's" lives. As to why...because we can. Also, as an exercise in web site development (there's a rumor out there that there's money to be made at this sort of thing). Basically, ya'all being used as guinea pigs is web site development.

The layout of this site is: Stephen has his pages with his "stuff", Lisa has pages with her stuff, there's our joke of the week page, the Joke Archive section  and there are two travel pages (one for our family vacations, the other for Stephen's jaunt's). There are also the obligatory feedback and change chronology pages. Stephen even has his resume posted here out on the web....just in case any of you out there have any great offers!!!! We've also added a section on what we do here in Omaha, with photos of our "estate", calendars of events, and weather information. Remember, the Omaha section is based upon seasons, so it will change quickly and constantly.

For those of you that are interested, just so you get appreciate the time differences involved, the following table illustrates where we all stand:

Place Omaha, Nebraska, USA Melbourne, Victoria, Australia New York City, New York, USA

Date +17 Hours

Anyway, enough of the preamble. The basic idea is to have fun and inform!!!! So, follow the appropriate link, read, eat and enjoy. Later, we'll turn the world into a gigantic bowl of chicken noodle soup!!! Also, thus is a living, changing organism. Things will be changing all the times, so remember to check back here regularly to see what's new. Remember, the joke of the week page is changed weekly (dahh!!), and Lisa is just starting to develop her stuff. So, come on back soon ya'all, here!!!

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